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Air interface Peak to Average

The collection of data here reflects air interface standards I've worked on and their respective amplitude statistics.
When designing a small signal circuit block, PA or entire lineup, it is important to understand the nature of the signals flowing through them. This table of data is a quick stop reference guide to assist design.

Air InterfaceCrest FactorPAR (0.01%)CFR PAR
GSM GMSK0.2 dB0.2 dB
GSM 8PSK3.3 dB3.3 dB
MC-GSM GMSK 2c3.2 dB3.2 dB
MC-GSM GMSK 3c5.0 dB5.0 dB
MC-GSM GMSK 4c6.2 dB6.2 dB5.0 dB
MC-GSM 8PSK 2c6.3 dB6.2 dB5.8 dB
MC-GSM 8PSK 3c7.9 dB7.6 dB6.0 dB
MC-GSM 8PSK 4c9.0 dB8.3 dB6.2 dB
UMTS TM1 16c11.4 dB9.9 dB6.9 dB
WiMAX DL 5MHz 64QAM 3/412.3 dB10.4 dB8.7 dB
LTE E-TM1 20MHz10.7 dB10.0 dB7.8 dB