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This software was developed to analyse captured data from an ADC. When working on sampled IF/RF Receive circuits, I use this to analyse gain, spurious, SINAD, SFDR, IP3 and more. It has also been useful when developing waveform files for playback from a DAC. To this end, it now includes many features for waveform file generation: Resampling, Filtering, Scaling, Complex Mixing, FIR filter design, Enhanced viewing: CCDF, LogMag, Phase, Constellation.

A basic version is available to download for educational and personal use. Enquire for pricing of enhanced features, commercial use and customisation. Features available include:
Macro Scripting
DLL for custom applications requiring VisualFFT processing
Uploading to signal generators for playback
Downloading from signal analysers for analysis
Customisations upon receipt of a specification include:
Streamed capture from sockets
Socket uploading of waveform to custom ARB hardware
USB and RS232 streaming
Skinning and re-Branding

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