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The software package is available below.
Also available are some sample waveforms for viewing and manipulating, though more are included in the installation.
Note* The waveforms are binary files, The filename and (incidentally path) is read by the software to determine the sampling frequency, so the the presence of X.XMSPS is useful. If not present, the software needs to be informed of the Fs via the menu.

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VisualFFT version 2.2.3 for windows - September 4th 2016:
Windows Installer package VisualFFT_Installer_Web_v2.2.3.exe

The installer package contains the application, release notes, license and example waveforms.

LTE OFDMA sample waveform.
This is LTE test model 3.1 @ 10MHz sampled at 30.72MSPS.

UMTS WCDMA sample waveform.
This is UMTS test model 1 3.84MHz sampled at 30.72MSPS.

UMTS 2-carrier sample waveform.
This 2x UMTS carriers sampled at 30.72MSPS with crest factor reduction.

EDGE 8PSK sample waveform.
This is a multiframe of single carrier 8PSK random TSC's and data.

GSM GMSK sample waveform.
This is a multiframe of single carrier GMSK random TSC's and data.

CW 2-tone waveform to demo the IMD IP3 measurement.
This is a 2-tone ADC captured waveform.